Taranis + DJI Naza/N3


This tutorial explains how to setup Taranis transmitter with DJI Naza/N3 flight controllers. The setup was tested with Taranis X7Q, DJI Naza-M v2, and FrSky D4R-II receiver. Also, should work with any FrSky receiver, Taranis transmitter, and DJI Naza series flight controllers.

Binding process

Please follow the official instructions from FrSky website to bind receiver with transmitter. On the transmitter, set Internal RF mode to D8 if using D4R-II and D16 if using X8R.


In the menu of the Taranix X7Q transmitter go the MIXER page and change it to match following picture.


Assuming the FrSky receiver is connected to the X2 port of the flight controller.


Main contributor is Kuat Telegenov